You’ll have Dancing Feet

You'll have Dancing Feet

This is for us moms!  (You know what they say, a happy mom makes a happy household.)  I don’t know about you, but it’s only Wednesday and I’m exhausted already.  For some reason, getting back into the swing of the school year and all the school projects, papers and after school activities that come with it are taking a toll on me.  That’s why I have to tell you about Fit Foot.  Okay stay with me for a minute while I explain… Fit Foot is one of those hidden and unexpected finds in Chicago.  It’s also one of those places that once you discover it you’ll never understand how you survived without it.

Fit Foot specializes in chinese reflexology and massage of the back, shoulders and feet. Now if you’re one of those people who love a massage but require it to be done in a quiet room in a posh spa with jasmine-infused incense while being wrapped in a plush blanket and listening to classical music then this is definitely not the place for you.  But to be fair, it’s also a fraction of the price of a typical massage.  For $28 (they always seem to have a special where for $28 you have an hour treatment) you will have your head, shoulders and feet kneaded and prodded. Fit Foot is located in a nondescript storefront on Fullerton in Lincoln Park.   Upon entering, you are brought into one of two main rooms that are extremely clean and have lazy-boy like chairs lined up.  The entire treatment takes place in the chair.  You will begin by soaking your feet while they massage your head and arms.  They then proceed to massage your feet and do some reflexology.  Unlike in other places they do not skimp on the amount of time they spend on your feet (can you say heaven).  For the last half of the treatment you flip over onto your stomach and they work your back and shoulders.  Many of the therapists are not fluent in English and I’ve never been asked if I had any health or physical issues.  If you need a light touch or suffer from back issues then be cautious before you go because they are extremely aggressive with the pressure. After your appointment, make sure to go a few doors down and enjoy a meal at  Pizzeria Da Nella.

Fit Foot is located at: 1459 W Fullerton Ave (between Greenview Ave & Janssen Ave) Chicago, IL 60614.  Call for an appointment:   (773) 525-4705

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