Make Photo Books in a Snap

Make Photo Books in a Snap

As many of us head into spring break, I want to remind you of an amazing app that will let you capture memories of your trip, weekend getaway or staycation in a snap!  We all love  to snap photos of our kids and family on your iPhone or iPad.  But that’s pretty much as far as I get.  Don’t get me wrong, I have the greatest intentions of creating photo books for all of our special family fun.  But, often it just seems like such a tedious process to download my photos, edit and enhance them, and then arrange them all onto nice pages.  I literally have 8 zillion photos just sitting on my computer waiting for me to organize and print.  I hate the idea of my pictures from the next 2 weeks just getting mixed in with the mess on my computer.

The Mosaic app, compatible with the iPone, iPad and iPod touch, allows you to create a photo book in just a few minutes.  It’s so simple you can actually do it straight from your spring break destination (like when you’re sitting in the airport waiting for your flight home) or in the car as you’re coming back from a friend’s house.

1Once you’ve downloaded the Mosaic app, simply tap on 20 pictures from your camera roll, arrange them in the order you want and in a guaranteed four days they will deliver you a beautiful 7-inch square photo book all for $20(+ tax & shipping).  I really have to give them kudos on the packaging as it’s simply gorgeous. 2

This is ideal for spring break, a family outing, a birthday party even your youngster’s first trip to the aquarium 

Tip:   These books are true keepsakes and make wonderful gifts for friends and family.  I also think this is a great option for any of you that are class moms and want to give the teachers a personalized gift at the end of the year.

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