Finally You can let your kids bounce off the walls

Finally You can let your kids bounce off the walls

It doesn’t matter what the weather is (20 degrees or 70), my crew of Big, Middle and Little always asks to go to Sky High.  In fact, we’ve been there the last 3 out of 4 weekends.  I can’t really complain though, because it is one place that the whole family can truly have fun.  If you haven’t already heard of it, Sky High is an indoor trampoline park located in Niles Illinois (15 miles outside of Chicago)* for jumpers of all ages.  Believe me, I was skeptical the first time that I went, but I’m now a total convert.  It’s a truly awesome concept.

Sky High has taken over an enormous warehouse (almost 50,000 square feet) and put in wall to wall trampolines.  There are four main trampoline areas.  They have the main trampoline court which runs half the length of the warehouse and has 10 foot trampoline walls, allowing jumpers to run up the walls, try and do flips and bounce to their heart’s content.  The  foam pit arena, where you bounce down the trampoline and jump or flip (if you dare) into a foam pit.  Part of the fun in this arena is trying to extricate yourself from the pit.  Next up is the popular dodgeball arena with foam balls. photo-55They’ve taken a classic playground game and souped it up by having it played on a trampoline.  I hadn’t played dodgeball since I was twelve years old but trust me, you’ll laugh yourself silly in here. And for the smallest jumpers (6 and under) there is the little jumper trampoline area which includes one trampoline court and a foam pit court.  All areas are heavily supervised.

When jumpers need a break there are couches scattered throughout the facility along with a pool table and a few arcade games.  There is a snack bar that offers refreshments such as ice cream novelties, chips, soda, hot dogs, nuggets and some other items.  We prefer to have our fun jumping and then head about two miles down the road to Giordano’s for some deep dish (hey, you definitely deserve it after working up such a sweat).

The facility is extremely clean and very well maintained.  Lockers are available for rent to store your valuables.  So if you’re looking for a great way to get your kids to put down their X-box controllers, get out of the house and have a whopping good time, take them to Sky High.  And best of all, they will burn off  their energy and come home exhausted from their day of extreme fun.


Pricing:  Jump for only $11/hour,  2nd hour is $8 (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) and $3 on Wednesdays.  Prices may differ on holidays and during school breaks so make sure to check their website.  And check their website for hours of operation which change based on seasonality.


  • All jumpers require a signed liability waiver.  If you are bringing a friend of the family that is under 18, have their parents go online and complete the waiver beforehand.  Guests 18+ must bring Photo ID.
  • It is also strongly encouraged to make reservations ahead of time online.  We’ve never had a problem but I’ve heard from other people that they have been booked up.
  • Jumpers may go barefoot or jump in Sky High’s reusable special Grip Socks available for purchase at the park.


6424 Howard Street, Niles, IL 60714,  Tel: 847.801.5867 (JUMP)

*They have a second location in Naperville but since I have never visited that location this review is simply based on the Niles location.

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