Jewelry you can be proud to wear

Jewelry you can be proud to wear

When I started this blog for Chicago families, I hadn’t expected to cover jewelry.  However, it turns out that’s because I hadn’t heard of Liberty United.  With the recent slate of violence that has swept the Windy City, I am proud to highlight the amazing company Liberty United.  Liberty United is Founded by Peter Thum, the creator of Ethos Water.  Here’s what matters: this company takes confiscated illegal guns and bullets, melts down the metal and transforms it into beautiful statement pieces.  25% of the proceeds from each purchase go directly to programs aimed at reducing gun violence (including the collection and destruction of illegal guns).  Each piece bears the serial number of a gun or bullet that has been removed from circulation.

For their first collection, Liberty United has collaborated with designer Philip Crangi of Giles & Brother, to create The Railroad Spike Collection.  The railroad-spike shape represents the American spirit of pioneering and courage.  The Spike collection includes bracelets, necklaces and rings priced from $85.00 all the way up to $1,385.00 .  This is jewelry that every mother needs to wear!


 Bullet Skinny Spike Bracelet $95.00 (I just bought this and haven’t taken it off).  



Bullet Bracelet $145.00 (I loved the skinny one so much that I just bought this one).  So super cool and I’m so proud to wear it.



Bullet necklace $90.00 (I’m hoping husband gives this to me for the holidays).  



 See the full collection and read more about their unbelievable mission at

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