A Cozy Cabin serving pizza, Yup and it’s called Homeslice

A Cozy Cabin serving pizza, Yup and it's called Homeslice

Yesterday’s first snowfall of the season, got me wishing that I could bundle up the kids and head to a cozy cabin in the Northwoods for comfort food.  It’s too bad that we couldn’t, oh wait; we can with Homeslice in Lincoln Park.

If you’re looking for a good place to have a fun lunch or dinner with the kids and not wanting to once again rely on chicken fingers and french fries, Homeslice might be your answer. This rustic pizzeria with an interior that looks like a log cabin in the North Woods is a great family spot. We typically bring the kids for lunch on a weekend afternoon. The place is always filled with families, DePaul students and neighborhood folk, but they are always super accommodating. In fact, on our most recent visit our waitress forgot to place Middle’s pizza order and felt so bad that she had it removed from the bill despite the fact that he was so intrigued looking at all the waitstaff in their Halloween costumes that he didn’t realize his food had been delayed.

As for the food, we always start with their mozzarella breadsticks which are out of this world and paired with a moderately spicy marinara sauce (keep this for your pizza as well).


Husband is a big fan of their chicken caesar.  But, the real reason to come here is the endless combinations of hand tossed pizzas that they serve.  If you don’t see a combination that appeals to you from the 30+ featured combos then you have the option to custom create your own pie.  All pizzas are available in a small, medium or large allowing maximum flexibility for families.  (I can’t deny that we normally have a minimum of 3 pies on our table at any given meal).


When the weather eventually gets warmer, you’ll want to go to enjoy their enormous patio.  Truly might be one of the nicest outdoor spaces in the city.

938 W Webster
Chicago, IL 60614

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