I don’t know about you, but I understood the playground… be nice, share the swings and don’t throw sand. It was what happened when my kids outgrew the playground that suddenly the terrible-twos seemed like a cakewalk; especially as I entered the teen years! The eye-rolling, the bickering, being told “you just don’t understand,” the overflowing dirty clothes hamper, slammed doors, talking to someone who always has headphones on, and I could keep going, but I think you get that point. I started to look around online for direction and nuggets of advice, but they were few and far between. There was no “What To Expect When You Have a Teenager” manual for me to devour. That’s why I’ve retooled Beyond the Park.

I wanted to 425create a place where we could navigate the tumultuous waters of teens and tweens together. Everything from interesting articles and books, the latest research on teen behavior (us parents can never know enough about juuling, body image, anxiety, etc…), and the best products, apps, and services to keep them healthy and out of trouble.

I have appeared on ABC News, WGN, NBC5 & You & Me.  I’ve also been a contributor to Chicago Parent.com and my work has appeared on the Huffington Post.

Welcome to the newly imagined Beyond the Park.