Upgrade your movie going experience with the AMC Stubs card

Upgrade your movie going experience with the AMC Stubs card

One of my favorite things to do with my kids (especially when the weather is cold and dreary outside) is go to the movies.  Something about us all sitting together, munching on movie theatre popcorn in a dark theatre seems really cozy.  However, as a family of five, this is no cheap family activity.  Last year, I discovered the AMC Stubs card.  I am telling you that this is the card that keeps on giving.

Here’s how it works.  For $12 a year (yes just $1 a month) you can sign up for this card.  As a member, you receive free upgrades on concessions.  All of your popcorn and fountain sodas will be upgraded to the next size free of charge.  In addition, they will waive your online ticket purchase fees on Fandango.com  (typically there is a $1.25 convenience fee applied to EACH TICKET when you purchase them online).  Last, and best of all, for every $100 spent at AMC theaters they’ll apply a $10 reward to your card that you can spend on future tickets or concessions.  You do need to present your AMC Stubs card to receive the concession upgrades and to get credit for your ticket purchases so make sure you don’t forget to bring the card to the theatre.  If you buy tickets online at Fandango, like I do, there is a place at checkout where you can enter your Stubs number.

When you consider that we take our kids to the movies two or three times a month these are huge savings!  To sign up you can either go online or visit your nearest AMC theatre and sign up on site.  If you regularly go to the movies then this program is for you!

Insider tips:

  • Because of the free upgrades on popcorn, I typically bring a couple of  Ziploc bags to the theatre so that I can buy a medium popcorn and upgrade to a large and then share it amongst my kids.
  • I have never purchased discounted AMC ticket books at Costco or any other retailer,  but if you do, it is my understanding that Gold and Silver tickets do not count toward the Stubs loyalty program.

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