A Cool Chicago Supermarket that even the kids will love

A Cool Chicago Supermarket that even the kids will love

When I started this blog, I never expected to feature a supermarket.  But then, I had never been to the new Plum Market in Old Town, Chicago.  Recently, my husband and I stopped in at Plum Market on Wells Street with our boys. Who knew they would take such an active interest in grocery shopping? It’s almost as if Plum Market sprinkled fairy dust throughout the aisles! Everything in the store looks incredibly appealing…and tastes great.  My kids were actively putting things in the cart (beyond just sugary soda) and offering menu suggestions.  In fact, it was Big (12) who found the oven-ready fresh roasted chicken with vegetables cut and seasoned (genius!) that we cooked that night.

Plum Market comes to Chicago via three established locations in Michigan.  Their premise is simple:  they feature locally made products while providing the highest quality and best tasting food.   They offer samples throughout the store (who doesn’t love that?!), and we actually wound up buying green tea, dark chocolate covered cashews and fresh baked Zingerman’s bread (a world famous bakery that used to just be available in Ann Arbor and via mail order) based on our samples.  Spanning the entire length of the store is a prepared food area with thin crust pizzas, pulled meats, grilled chicken, beef, fish and a wide assortment of side dishes just waiting to be enjoyed.











They also have a wonderfully fresh salad bar with a myriad of options, a terrific “hot food” bar, an in-store sushi kitchen overseen by Chef Takashi Yagihashi (featuring made to order sushi rolls and maki), and the largest selection of chocolates that I’ve ever seen (and believe me I know what I’m talking about).  There’s a cheese section that will blow your mind and an enormous bakery to satisfy any sweet tooth.  On the way to checkout is a lovely floral area so you can pick up some flowers for your table or your host’s.


My husband never made it out of the beer and wine area because they just might have a craft beer selection that will give Binnys a run for its money.  They also feature an in-house wine bar that will host an ongoing series of educational tasting events.  In addition, Plum Market,  strikes a nice balance between carrying Green Living, Eco-family products and staple items like Diet Coke (I know, I know, I’m working on this habit).  As you walk through the aisles of Plum Market, you are immediately struck by the number of local Chicago favorites  including Vanille, Skinny POP, Terry’s Toffee, Milk & Honey Granola, & Red Hen Bread.

To round out your visit to Plum Market, they offer a Swirlberry frozen yogurt counter, an Intelligentsia coffee house, and a wine bar with ample seating.   Little (4) and I often enjoy a yummy frozen yogurt before we get down to our shopping.



There are a number of delivery and personal shopping options available, but if at all possible this is one market that you should experience for yourself.

Tip:  They offer free parking while you shop.

1233 N Wells St
(between Division St & Scott St)
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 229-1400

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