Back to School Supplies Get Personal & Fun

Back to School Supplies Get Personal & Fun

I know I know, school has already started.  But I’m just not quite done with all of my shopping, especially given all the great personalized & fun items that I’ve recently discovered.  No longer do school supplies just mean a 1 inch binder and a composition notebook like back in my day.   Take a look at some of these adorable items that will put a smile on your child’s face as they transition from the lazy days of summer back into the hectic school schedule.

The Most Indestructible backpack ever from L.L. Bean (and it’s on wheels).

Both Big (12)  & Middle (7) now have these rolling backpacks.  Big has had his for two years and has walked and bounced it up and down stairs and over curbs and it’s still going strong.   Little (4) has even been known to sit on top of it and have her brother wheel her home].  The bag is so great, that we got the smaller version for my 7 year old this year.  It has made the walk to and from school so much more pleasant as it’s taken the weight off their backs.  The bags come in two sizes: original (smaller) and deluxe (the larger size) and both options can be personalized.


If those backpacks are too serious then I love these from MadPax


Love these personalized notebooks from Frecklebox


God do these fuzzy pencils bring back memories.  So glad they’re back.


Personalized Water Bottles

Apparently my kids now each need to have a water bottle in school with them.

How great that I can personalize them so they don’t get mixed up in the morning rush (or more importantly in the little one’s classrooms).

I think these are adorable for girls of all ages.


…and if your boys don’t like those then these look great.



and how cute are these lunch bags from Dabbawalla 





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