Fast Fun for all with Buster Balloon

Fast Fun for all with Buster Balloon

I first saw the Buster Balloon game last year when I took Little to the Toy & Game expo at Navy Pier.  As soon as she saw it she was immediately drawn to it.  What child doesn’t like balloons right, especially with a  friendly face on it?  Anyway, after playing the game at the fair, I knew it would immediately become a favorite in our household and was I ever right.

The game is extremely simple to set up.  There is an easy to assemble circular frame, and then you blow up a balloon to place inside.  The game comes with 9 balloons but once you run out of those any standard balloon will work.  Each player then takes a turn rolling the dice to see how far to push the sticks into the balloon.  The amazing thing about this game is how strong balloons actually are and the kids will be hysterical watching the balloon change shape with each poke and prod.  photo-21The player who makes Buster pop loses the game (although in my house my kids are pretty psyched when they make it pop).  The game moves quickly and doesn’t require a ton of time which makes it ideal for a school night when there’s still homework and baths to be done.  If you are looking for a game for many different age groups to enjoy…Buster Balloon is it!!!

Balloon Buster can be purchased at or other local retailers.

Tip:  It’s such a hit that I encourage you to stop at your local pharmacy or supermarket and pick up some extra balloons.  When we’re using generic plain balloons my guys like to draw funny faces on them with Sharpies before we play.




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