3 Great Apps For Sending Mail To Your Campers This Summer (No Stamp Required)

3 Great Apps For Sending Mail To Your Campers This Summer (No Stamp Required)
Here we go again!  Another sleepaway camp season has begun!  My FB and Instagram feeds are filled with cute pictures of friends putting their kids on camp buses.  My two boys are off for 7 weeks- with no electronics!  Can they do it?!   One of the many great parts of sleepaway camp, and a time honored tradition, is receiving letters from mom & dad.  Yes, many camps let parents email their campers through bunk mail and they’ll print them out, but there’s truly nothing like sending mail to your camper and having them receive an actual physical card.
Now there are some cool apps that make sending physical cards and staying in touch with your camper so much easier.  So parents, you can rejoice in knowing that you no longer need to run around looking for a card, that lone stamp, or finding a nearby mailbox!  
1.  Postagram:  This app lets you feature a photo from your camera phone and a personalized message on a postcard, and they’ll send it for you.  Once you download the app, you can choose from several different templates.  Add a funny family photo or a cute one of the family pet from your camera roll. Type a message to accompany the picture and have it delivered to your camper. The photo is perforated so that it can be popped out of the card and displayed in their bunk. Don’t worry. The message is printed on both the backside of the photo and the front side of the postcard so your message will always stay with the photo if they do decide to pop it out. This makes it so easy to stay in touch and send funny notes to your camper throughout the summer! My kids love it when I send them cards from the dog.

Cost: Postcards start at 1.99 (which includes printing and postage)

2.  Ink CardsSimilar to Postagram, this app from the same company, allows you to turn your photos into personalized cards. The main difference is that with INK you can choose from over 500 designer cards and some formats allow for multiple photos.  You can choose to send a traditional postcard, a heavyweight flat-lay card with an envelope or you can create a pack of cards with matching envelopes.  It’s so easy to just snap a photo when you’re out and about and see something cool that your kids would like (like these sports cars on the streets of London) and send them a quick note.
Cost: Cards start at $1.99 each in the US and $2.99 internationally (postage included).
3.  Mosaic Photo BookThis app makes it super simple to create a photo book of fun family memories that your child can share with their new camp friends.  Once you download the app, you will select 20 photos from your camera roll. With the latest version you can choose from a select group of page colors and add a note to your camper at the beginning of the book. The beauty of this app is that it takes no more than 4-5 minutes to make the book, and within 4 days your camper will have a great quality 7″ hard cover photo book to share with his/ her bunk.  I’m making one now of funny photos of our English Bulldog that I know the boys will love to share!  
Cost: Hardcover book $25 (which includes printing and postage)

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